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Funeral crasher

“Do you have a camera?” The question–barked more than asked –came from a lanky young man in an Orioles baseball cap and a tee-shirt with the words ‘Hot Lover’ splashed across the front. I’d been aimlessly wandering the back streets … Continue reading

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An Easter Tale

The other night I went to dinner with the neighbours here in the Deux Sevre region of southern France. I walked over there since it’s only about ten minutes away, rather briskly since the temperatures had dropped unexpectedly. As I … Continue reading

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City of Love, my Foot

There is something both mildly unsettling and amusingly defiant about being single in Paris. True to its reputation, Paris is an incredibly romantic city. Cupids, intimate low lit bistros, cute waiters inĀ  floor-length white aprons, all conspire to create a … Continue reading

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A touch of the Irish

“May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out.” Irish saying I don’t like Guinness and have a healthy fear of leprechauns, but nevertheless I joined the 29th St. Patrick’s Day Parade … Continue reading

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