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In absentia: confessions of a depressed Buddhist

“…soon other emotions follow happiness into oblivion; sadness as you had known it, the sadness that seemed to have led you here; your sense of humor; your belief in and capacity for love. Your mind is leached until you seem … Continue reading

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the WELLBUTRIN diaries: moving on

Time doesn’t heal. Time is a hospital ward. Space is what heals. Healing begins as mysteriously as the depression. When depression is there it is total. There is space for nothing else. Healing begins with a crack….for me that crack … Continue reading

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The Ganga Chronicles

“You canno forsch life inku enggi shay you wan jus fom guh powah of your fillings.” German Baba struggled to form the words around his toothbrush that had been busily working its way around his mouth for the past ten … Continue reading

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Chain-smoking guru

I went downstream – to imagine How things could have been different I went upstream – and worried How things might change But then your grandfather’s words Rippled underneath…. “The boat is the middle. Stay on the boat.” From Water … Continue reading

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River Turner

Where does understanding go, when it goes? Are you sure it ever existed? I can’t change the course of the Ganga But if I could I would drink it dry And spit it out in another direction…

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The Fatal Accident

Debu the Astrologer was on his third whiskey. He gestured with his glass in my general direction narrowly missing hitting the bottle with his right elbow. “Stop seeing that young man!” he shouted across the room at me. I was … Continue reading

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No pass (or when mountain gods get eremetic)

At last they entered a world within a world—a valley of leagues where the high hills were fashioned of the mere rubble and refuse from off the knees of the mountains…”Surely the Gods live here!” said Kim, beaten down by … Continue reading

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