About me (or maybe you)

I feel I should write something like a profile, but I’m getting a double chin so not sure that would be good. I could write the hell out of Chiranjeevi’s profile, though. Or send me your name and a few (seemingly) random facts, and I’ll write about you…

I just need. Your name. Your place of birth. Your favourite colour. Your age. Do you believe in astrology?  Three favourite songs. What you are wearing, including colours. I’m serious. If you answer these questions I’ll write about you. For free. (Though it may take me a few months to get around to it.)

55 Responses to About me (or maybe you)

  1. B'anna says:

    Barbara Anna Daniela Letizia Federico (aka B’anna) ~ Frosinone, Italy ~Burnt Orange and Pale Green/Turquoise ~ 46 (I think) ~ Only if Randy Baker is being my Astrologer ~ Fire on the Mountain, When She Dances by Geraldine and Nazu, The Good the Bad and the Ugly theme song ~ Jeans, little dress, a brown zip up hoodie and boots.

    Great Blog by the way, I will give it some concentrated reading time when I hit the road next week!

    • You have at times in your life struggled with identity issues, but these have more or less been resolved, and you are now happy with your multiple personalities. You love pasta and shouting to your neighbours across fields. You can be rather picky, some might say ‘difficult’ but you prefer ‘discerning’. You are a bit of a risk taker but you check your safety equipment first. You have your own definite style, though you are occasionally mistaken for a British teenage mugger. You are eclectic and proud of it. Don’t like being pinned down to a position or viewpoint, which can at times be an avoidance technique and at other times a form of play (or both). You sometimes get nostalgic but you know how to live in the moment, especially when drugs are involved. Oh, and you have still to find a use for hard facts.

      • B'anna says:

        Haha, Thanks a lot, does someone know me? My partner Nate thinks it’s really accurate! Not sure about the drugs though, haven’t done them in a while but I’m sure the lingering effects still help keep me in the moment. I certainly annoy the hell out of people when they can’t pin me down on anything. I was going to say this is 95% accurate but upon rereading it I’d say 99%.
        This is a great talent! Perhaps you could do Nate’s too.

  2. Nate says:

    Nathan Smith ~ Logan Utah ~ Deep dark but transparent blue ~ 42, As much as anything else that is made up (but I have to say, it is strangely coincidental including that I am an Aries that works with fire) ~ Thunderkiss 65 (White Zombie), Superstar (Carpenters), Hey You (Pink Floyd) ~ Steel toed work boots (with stitching that has started to break), Black synthetic worlds softest socks, kneepads, Dirty jeans, Belt, maroon/red thermal long sleeve shirt, heavyweight fleece jumper that I bought at a charity shop in england for 3 Pounds. Glasses with smoky metallic frames. Is there an e in smokey?

  3. You’re a bit of a contradiction, all said and done. You’ve made loneliness an art and friendships in the process. You like wide open spaces, but have an urge to fill them with stuff. You’ve lived life on your own terms even when you’ve conformed, use distance like a piano and intimacy like a violin. You don’t like to rebel, but you like to to turn things on their head from a secret control room for which only you have the key. You find a use for everything, including bad habits. You are not extravagant but you don’t mind spending money on things that matter to you. You don’t suffer from regret, employing curiosity and humour to move on from the past. You are corny and old-fashioned and at the same time boldly experimental. You have a strong attention to detail that sometimes surprises even you….and an unfulfilled desire to write.

  4. Nate says:

    An unfulfilled desire to write? I must be suppressing that deeply. So deeply, To what depths we shall perhaps never know. Deep dark fathoms of suppression, keeping my creative literary talents at bay. Inside I cry silently for none can hear the torment of my pen as it’s held down by layers of my own denial… Really now? that is something I haven’t seen. I’ll think about it though. Your description seems quite accurate especially the secret control room part. Also, I’ve always felt like a contradiction certainly. The strange dichotomy of being a conservative exhibitionist. How are you doing this? Do you have some computer generated formula like the automatic artist statement generator? Or is it simply intuitive talent? Thank you for the insight.

    • ‘unfulfilled desire to write’….hmmmm, well maybe that’s me getting me mixed up with you…occupation hazard for Buddhists. Actually, I don’t think I’m using much intuition. At least, I’m not aware of that. It’s more Sherlock Holmes than Shirley MacLaine. But it would be more of a test if someone I’ve never met (or heard wild stories about) sends me their info. Then we’ll see if this more than a two-trick pony.

  5. Ashwin Rajpal says:

    Hi My name is Ashwin Rajpal, Place of Birth: New Delhi, Favourite colour deep blue & Purple
    Age: 37. I believe in astrology until i hear something negative, in such case i believe in my intuitions and actions. Three fav songs… Im mainly into psy and trance music… and my favourites change every week cause i listen to the same song so many times that i move on with the next i like to hear. what am i wearing: red-tshirt and blue jeans.

  6. Ashwin, you’re trying out different rabbit-holes these days, and toying with roles and identity. You don’t believe in standing still, but life always catches you up anyway. You enjoy simplicity but you also would like to be challenged more. You tend to be honest with people. You would like to explore your spiritual side but you haven’t find a rabbit-hole that you’re comfortable letting go into. Too much structure is suffocating, but without it you feel directionless, sometimes even anxious. You’ve been through a long process of shedding, but now it might be time to collect a few things on your terms and make them your own. If you can’t find the right rabbit-hole to go down, then start digging!

    • Ashwin Rajpal says:

      wow, have you been stalking me? :)) people around me have started thinking that i am becoming a freak, since the past year i have started 11 projects, and i have jumped between Goa, New Delhi, Dubai so finally i made some in-roads in Goa, we are planning a Maha-yogashalla, if you ever plan a holiday or wanna relax in Goa, you are welcome anytime 🙂 we will be up and running by October this year, every month we will have a cultural festival in the area as well, basically we have acquired a whole valley 10 minutes from the beach.

  7. Christal Smith. New Jersey, USA. The rainbow, but if I must choose, green. almost 45. No astrology for me, thanks.
    You can’t always get what You Want
    How You Like Me Now?
    You Are the Sunshine of My Life
    (hmm they all have “you” in the title….)
    khaki hiking shorts
    white tank
    purple sports bra
    sneaks and a bloodied knee cap (just back from a hike)

    Can’t wait!
    PS Why Jude???

  8. You’re very private, not so much because of shyness, but more due to liking to keep different parts of you aside for a rainy day, an emergency kit or inspirational moment. You’re confident of the things you know, but have a fathomless curiosity for things you don’t. For you sexy is also practical and you like your whimsy in the applied sciences faculty. You take your relationships straight with a dash of sugar, and get disappointed when no one seems to know what ‘dash’ means. You feel softer on the inside that you show on the outside, and are drawn to folks who take the time to understand this. You love to get your chops into a good discussion, and don’t trust those who can’t laugh at the bits that get stuck between the teeth. You are romantic as a candlelit dinner as long as they are the non-drip kind. And for those who think that’s not romantic you’d just tell ’em that you don’t want to waste time cleaning the table-cloth when you could be having more fun….You consider yourself realistic, but end up reaching for the sky anyway. Oh well 🙂

  9. Rebecca!!!! You should charge for these. I can’t think of a better birthday present or pick me up. Seriously. Wow. It’s nice to know someone else knows what a dash means! I love you.

    • Thank you lovely, it’s really fun to do actually….I started it as a joke but it seems to have turned into something else…..oh, and why Jude? Maybe because he’s the patron saint of desperate and lost causes and I could do with a guardian for these!

  10. I suspect you’ll know my name. 😀
    Frankfurt, Germany.
    I neither believe nor disbelieve in astrology.
    Songs at the moment:
    “Waiting In Vain” – Bob Marley
    “Ten Years Gone” – Led Zeppelin
    Symphony #3 – Henryk Gorecki
    (these, of course, like many, will change by the hour. And that’s okay.)
    Dark blue tank top and black running shorts, some of my favorite loungewear, and after hiking and kayaking around Sonoma for a week, lounging is what I’m into today.

    • You have an interesting ability to funnel your emotions into spaces that you alone control. At the same time you are not a control freak. Which is unusual. Curiosity is the future in the making and leaves fear coughing in the dust. Knowing what matters to you and how to get it delivered past midnight on a Saturday is like riding a bicycle now. So intuitive that you barely think about it. The challenges lies in convincing everyone else. Independence to you is not doing what you want, but doing what makes you whole– brings you closer to sucking the pith of life and grokking its curious little ways. Your inner self and the way you allow yourself to be seen in the world are different but compatible. Sometimes you feel awkward, but you like the challenge of being truly comfortable with yourself, like tracing the shape of a star in the mirror. Unlike most, you don’t fret over being misunderstood, as long as you can explain it to yourself later. You prefer to wear your heart on your Ipod than on your sleeve. Balance is as precious as oxygen on a spaceship. Sadness and beauty are like two sides of a 45 vinyl. Speaking of, thanks for the Gorecki!

  11. Sirensongs says:

    Caroline Martin. Chattanooga, Tennessee. Maroon. 48. Yes. “Tales of Brave Ulysses,” “”Cannonball,” by the Breeders.” “Haq Ali Haq” by NFAli Khan. Red paisley mandarin collar kurta w black khadi trousers.

    • You’ve brushed off the stardust, but some has stayed in your hair. Sometimes you mistake it for dandruff. You never felt like you fit, so adapting to the funny shapes in life has always been a breeze. Sometimes you circle the peaks with the eagles, and other times you’re rolling down the mountain with the avalanche. The first doesn’t last long enough to inspire you and the second doesn’t last long enough to deflate you. You know how to squeeze a lemon so you don’t waste it and wrinkle your nose at those who don’t. You don’t suffer fools, especially the ones in your heart. Still, you insist on paying attention to the colours of a peahen, and keeping the private faith of a rooftop poet in moonlight.

  12. Noel Donnelly says:

    Noel Donnelly. Birmingham, UK. Purple. 44. Don’t believe in astrology. Sixteen Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six (Tom Waits); Tiempo de Solea (Ojos de Brujo); What You Do With What You’ve Got (Dick Gaughan). I’m wearing a black and white patterned hoodie made out of a roughly woven cotton fabric, a pair of green canvas combat trousers and a black leather fedora. And a red t-shirt.

  13. Noel, first off, you’re really not from Birmingham, though you may technically be. You’re not ashamed of the dent marks in your heart, in fact you have connected them up into some cardiac blood-pumping mandala that glows in the dark. You may not believe in astrology but I suspect you have read your horoscope more than twice. The back story of things matters to you, the myriad causes and conditions that run like mycelia beneath the mushrooms of everyday phenomena. You are sometimes amazed at people’s lack of curiosity about this, but sometimes you confuse analysis with over thinking. You keep some of the most important things close to your chest and throw others things around like confetti, which sometimes confuses your friends. The line between the mundane and supra-mundane have always been a bit blurry. Even when you’re fixing the plumbing, part of you is taking notes for your next exploration/pilgrimage into wild and wooly parts unknown.

    • Noel Donnelly says:

      Thank you so much for this! Except for the astrology (it wouldn’t occur to me to read a horoscope), everything here seems uncannily accurate. I’m wondering in particular how on earth you managed to figure out that I gather mushrooms and that I was doing a bit of plumbing on the day I posted my details…I am most impressed and I’m telling my friends! Thank you once again!

  14. andrew jacques says:

    Hi Rebecca, my name is Andrew Jacques, I was born in the city of Birmingham and am 33 years of age & my favorite colour is purple. My three favorite songs are Indifference by Pearl Jam Overcome by Live, and Is there love in space by Joe Satriani. I am currently sporting a pair of jeans light blue in colour, a black t shirt with a Hispanic style print and dark green walking trainer/boots. I believe in Astrology.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Andrew, sorry for the belated response. I got a tad self-conscious about this since some of my frivolous observations seemed to hit the mark in unexpected ways. But moving on – with no expectations (I hope).

      Without any bones about it, you are a unabashed deep-sea dreamer with existentialist leanings (just in case anyone mistake you for a romantic), although you may occasionally overlook to fill your oxygen tank. You are particular about things that irritate your friends, but occupy little space-time nodules of importance in how you reside in and navigate the world. You are not ashamed of the scars that life’s beer bottles have made on you, but it’s sometimes not a bad idea to listen when someone shouts, “Duck!” – at least to save the voices of those who care about you from going hoarse. You have an itch to see the world, but tend to get your boots stuck in the local glue. You have an argumentative streak that stems from an un-nurtured curiosity in your misty past. Debate has its uses but also its limits. As Bob Dylan once said, other people’s opinions are just different descriptions of moonlight. Shake them out of your head and go howl at the moon before its too late.

  15. Kelly
    Electric Blue.
    I believe in astronomy.
    Only three? Oh, all right. Tower of Song (Cohen). Dance Yourself Clean (LDC Soundsystem) Disparate Youth (Santigold)
    Black and white blouse, grey trousers.

    • You know how to bend with the wind, but no water passes under your bridge without the proper travel documents. You could have come up with the famous Urdu saying, ‘Here’s a thought to keep yourself happy,’ however, you also could teach a Masters in how to keep yourself sad. You have an urge to make a difference and a knack for finding the right situations to do that. But when you find them, you put your all into making it work. When things work out for you, your friends think its ‘luck’ which you find irritating. You don’t mind compromise, as long as it keeps moving the agenda forward. Small battles don’t interest you (unless you need to test out your new surface-to-air missiles.) Some mistake this for diplomacy. I suspect you just have a higher entertainment threshold. You’ve always known what you want, but what you want is beginning to change, and that’s interesting and a good excuse for that third glass of chardonnay. Now, let’s see….hastily repaired heart fracture/wrangling with loss/growing up is boring. Actually, you’re a perfect human specimen for alien experiments. Go dance the night away!

      • Kelly van Lubeck says:

        Oh how I wish it were all true – that I knew what I wanted, and was good at sticking at things that were meaningful to me.
        Must have been my wishful thinking that generated this – that, and the fact that I”m not forty-two, and wasn’t born in Delhi.
        What I really want to know is, when are we having coffee?

      • Ah! Strangely liberating to have got it so wrong 🙂 Coffee, yes!

  16. kiki says:

    Hmm….Kiks. Honolulu, Peacock blue. 43. I like astronomy and I like to pretend in meaning. Midnight Mile (Rolling Stones), Quicksand (David Bowie), Love Reign o’er me (the Who), dark blue top with seashell sequins and brown cords, barefoot. xoxo

    • ‘The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat.’ Well, you might have a few issues with that premise, including that ‘pea-green’ means little in the green rainbow world of peas. Is that being persnickety, you ask? Or does it mean that I have a richer vegetable/colour universe? Okay, so I digress. Where was I? ‘They took some honey and plenty of money, wrapped up in a five pound note.’ You take nutrition seriously, and honey can be spread on almost anything, including five pound notes, so that seems sensible enough. But if you were in the boat you might suggest that brown paper makes for better wrapping.
      “The Owl looked up to the stars above,
      And sang to a small guitar,
      ‘O lovely Pussy! O Pussy my love,
      What a beautiful Pussy you are…’
      Ahhhh, getting to the point at last. The honey, the money, the sea, the pea-green boat….it all dissolves in that moment when you grok that YOU are the Pussy, the Owl, the guitar and the song. What a beautiful vision you are, you are!

  17. Vibha says:

    Vibha Kamat. Bombay. Blue (all shades). 48. I do not believe in astrology. Vincent (Don McLean), Did she mention my name (Gordon Lightfoot), Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel). Sleeveless pink cotton top and bottle green shorts.

    • For Vibha: “Is it me who’s got it wrong or everyone else?” When you decide it’s everyone else who has it wrong, you feel lonelier but more daring, ready to grab the ship’s wheel and turn her into the storm with that half-crazed look in your eye. When you decide it’s you who has it wrong, you feel closer to your fellow shipmates but holed up in your cabin with sea sickness. The things you are certain about may be sources of solace for you, but some of them are just bits of junk you’ve got used to carrying around in your pocket. A couple of them even dig into your thigh. And what about the things that dropped out of those holes along the way? The day you empty your pockets and take a hard assessment of what’s there and what’s not will be coming soon. It takes a village to run a ship and a hero who can’t connect with his community is only a cartoon. Certainty is a fickle mistress. Maybe it’s time for a voyage to the astrologer – no matter whether you believe him or not.

  18. Judy chang says:

    Not sure, but I just like reading about myself
    For now:
    Follow the Sun- Xavier Rudd
    Dhol Yaara Dhol – from Dev D
    These arms of mine: Otis Redding
    Black work pants: B/W stripey short sleeve turtleneck with capped sleeves: Green blazer.
    Give it all you’ve got : )

    • You know that question, ‘is it me, or is it you?’ Well, it’s definitely been you – according to you, who has the world all wonky on a corkscrew. Hmmm….wonder where that time-bomb of a mantra came from, how far down the wonky corridors of childhood? But good news….that mantra is fading fast, and a new one emerging. This one goes something like, ‘You know, it might just be both of us, but let’s work on de-wonking it together and at the same time embrace our inner wonkiness. (And by the way, yes I CAN have a favourite colour that’s also a time of day and is different depending on whether you’re in Petersberg or Portsmouth, but thanks for asking!)

  19. ajaytao2010 says:

    Oh Rebecca nice reading about you.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.

  20. Ewan Duffus says:

    Ewan Duffus. Aberdeen Scotland. Green. 26. no. Our Love is Here to Stay by George Gershwin, I am a Rock by Simon and Garfunkel, Don’t Think Twice By Bob Dylan (these can change everyday)… Blue Jumper, Beige cotton shirt, Dark Blue Corduroy Trousers, black belt, white socks and boxer shorts black. No watch, no jewelery.

    • For Ewan. You’re an honest guy. Somehow I feel I should say more but not getting much. Perhaps that’s worth all the tea in China. Your creative streak runs like a football flasher through your more practical aspects. You’re thorough, bordering on picky. You have high moral expectations that sometimes others find it hard to live up to. You could’ve just disembarked from a commuter time machine. Keep those wooly mammoths and dinosaurs you say, the 30s or 40s would’ve been just fine. The times when men wore hats and actually looked good in them (unlike Justin Beiber). What else? You’re not afraid of commitment (in fact you prefer it) but you like people who are different from you. You’re more likely to meet friends than lovers online dating. Sorry I took so long and Happy New Year!

      p.s One day you will own and treasure a really cool watch.

  21. Colinne says:

    Colinne Anne Theresa Byrne Hemrich; Chicago, IL; 44; I believe in the power of my feet; I am unable to pick three favourite songs. Music makes me happy. No shoes, blue-yellow water graphic t-shirt – black peddle pusher pants.

  22. andy m says:

    Hi i’m aandyy on okcupid but Twickenham in the ‘real world fav colour is white red and sky blue scorpio i have a green jumper on …..are you a sub? i’d say yes……..nice photos, i like all music too jazz miles davis erik satie too……….xx

  23. Patjoc Matthews, Belfast, brown (to wear?.. I have many favourite colours for different contexts) 54, No (to astrology). Do they have to be songs?.. (I love a lot of instrumentals / classical pieces). Another brick in the wall,., Bohemian Rhapsody, Cygnet Committee. Blue/White checked shirt, Casual Jeans (with faded effect), and white addidas trainers..

  24. Barbara Clarke L says:

    Barbara Clarke L. Cheltenham Glosc. 71. Colors, aqua, sage green, Mexican true red can’t choose. Neither believe nor disbelieve in astrology but do believe in the individual wisdom of astrologers. After all one can propound about anything with wit n wisdom, a leaf, the sky – look at you and this blog. Songs so many but live in highly bird populated area so into cardinals, “Slow Boat to China” Eminem 8 mile, Chopin. Im wearing a green cotton long sleeved t shirt from gap and traditional japanese turquoise and white cotton kimono and flip flops cause its early in the am and cold 75 degrees in Hawaii but just had a mini monsoon last night here on the dry side where I live and it smells delicious outside. love B

    • Sage is not just your colour, it’s your dress size. You don’t just refuse to suffer fools, you actively repel them with your ‘I’ve got better things to do’ spray. Finally you’ve managed to rid yourself of those especially pesky pests that buzz with that silly ‘make up your mind’ sound. “Which mind?” I hear you retort. It’s possible that you have yet to fully realize the extent of your one-girl revolution that deconstructed a thousand well-meaning lies of your ancestors. All that’s left to do now is surrender to the truth, wherever you find it. You may at times have felt a life plunged into the abyss is lean on comfort – now you can carve a sofa out of a wave, put your feet up on the footstool of calderas, and happily squirm in a cuddle puddle of manta rays. What does any of this mean? Who cares. Leave meanings for philosophers. You have other fish to fly. And that manta rays wants a cuddle.

      p.s. I see an old friend come to visit you in the near future – middle-aged, English, first name R…..that’s all I’m getting 😉

  25. you don’t do colours, what do you do?
    I don’t do star signs,

  26. Well, then I’d say, that’s either a compromise or a challenge.

  27. marclenot says:

    Still writing profiles ?

    Marc Lenot
    Born in Saint-Etienne, a French coal mining and steelmills city, mostly known for its football team
    Favorite colour red (lunettes rouges)
    2/3 of a century, already
    Don’t believe much in astrology, a bit too rational for that, but always ready to try
    Wearing blue jeans and a white T shirt, basic
    Three songs :
    – Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)
    – Les passantes (Georges Brassens) (English lyrics here if you don’t speak French : http://brassenswithenglish.blogspot.pt/2008/02/blog-post.html)
    – A horse with no name (America)

    Enough for you?
    Thanks in advance

  28. Marc, I haven’t done one of these in a while, but suddenly notice there’s a backlog. I guess technically I should go back and do the others first, but since you’re the one who has got me revisiting this page, I’ll do yours first.

    Okay, so you’re in a crazy hurry for something and yet your inner F1 driver is busy applying the brakes. If that’s a contradiction then it’s only one of many. Sigh. Paradox, paradox, all is paradox. Maybe you’d figured on having a lot more figured out by now, but the math keeps getting higher and harder. And those pesky equations disguised as poetry. They’re the worst. Did you think you should be changing into something new? What is there to change? Feel like you were born under a different clock? Wrong. This time is yours so entirely, you aren’t just PART of the zeitgeist, you ARE the fucking zeitgeist. Just begin to walk across that bridge that’s always calling you over. Meet yourself halfway.

    p.s. And anyone who tells you that you don’t understand feminism, just open the door for them and smile knowingly 😉

  29. Scott says:

    Wow. Got here by way of a surfing expedition: was listening to Michael Nesmith on youtube (zigzag concert live) after searching some classical album info on recordings of The Nutcracker and finding an pdf of an old 1971 Billboard mag with an ad for Nesmith’s new albums. Never listened to him, except on old tv reruns of course. Poet Philosopher Genius Former-Monkee Singer.
    A song, the Grand Ennui, led me to write a note to my son, so I looked up different definitions of ennui, (I had my own, having studied sociology eons ago), and found your “Dictionary of Suffering”. Amazing little collection. Every poet and philosopher should have it.
    Cleveland Ohio 1960 just turned 55 yrs 9 days ago
    Green sometimes yellow or vice versa
    too literal and too scientific to actually believe in astrology, i’d rather believe in astronomy, but it’s as difficult to grasp too.
    Blue jeans, no socks, white t-shirt with “Man Burger” on it (a local teen operated fundraising group for cancer awareness)
    songs change with the weather and the mood, it’s usually the ones I’ve heard recently, like today it’s that Nesmith song, Silver Moon.
    But speaking of moon, Cowboy Junkies Blue Moon is always in the top 3. Can listen to it endlessly.
    Speaking of endlessly, how about the entire Laurie Anderson album Home of the Brave ? that’s too many songs to count though as a top 3. Same with symphonies and concertos, like Nutcracker, Koyaanisqatsi (Glass), Beethoven’s Violin concerto, Haydn string quartets,
    So, Beatles “Hey Jude”, Lennon’s “Imagine”, The Who’s “Love Reign o’er Me”, and the aforementioned Cowboy Junkies’ “Blue Moon”.
    Single dad with 2 daughters at home, a son in college. Self -employed, under employed this last year, after 4 great years. No relationships for several years now, except the kids and stuff.
    Ok. wow. kind of like therapy writing this. Trying to be succinct and yet important!

  30. marclenot says:

    Many thanks Rebecca for this reply, I appreciate.
    Your comments are to the point, but I feel it was my state five or ten years ago. Since then, I feel I have changed into something new, and I have gone over the bridge;
    Maybe we’ll talk about it in Lisbon this winter.
    And thanks for the feminisn p.s., I neded the advice.

  31. Steph Wintjes says:

    Is this where I write to you Rebecca, giving my name and details? You know me very well already, but I shall give another of my names. Kay Wintjes, Krugersdorp, South Africa. Black and red. I am 69 and I do not believe in astrology, but rather in astronomy. Songs: Yesterday, Imagine and Unchained Melody. Black T-shirt, black leggings and grey boots.

    • You are a woman of great expressive strength. You can argue with someone and make it seem like you’re agreeing with them. How do you accomplish this? Through having an almost supernatural confidence in the language that emerges from shouting the compass signals from the decks. Since you assume everyone else is doing this too (why would they do otherwise, you wonder) whether they are or not, makes them want to pull up chairs and dog beds around you. Opinions to you are like pigments – to be brushed into the texture of a wider landscape. You would make a great diplomat between warring factions of Greek village women. Boredom is your greatest foe. Your least favourite kind of day is one where you feel you have wasted your time. Your relationship with time both conflicts you and motivates you. You have no need of astrology since you approach the natural world with such wonder that it all seems on low-boil miraculous to you. Gravity and electromagnetism move you in ways no anthropocentric system of celestial-worldly interactions ever could. At the same time, you sometimes put on a moustache and fake nose to disguise yourself from your own sensitivity and romanticism which can make you feel less in control than you would like to be. It would surprise you to know that those around you admire your ability to feel so deeply. Most people are half asleep.

  32. Frank Booth says:

    Hi I found the article about ivermectin interesting. I go by my friend who is a hospital doctor treating covid patients since day one of the pandemic. He says ivermectin is not useful to him and he doesn’t give it to patients. What’s interesting is your writing on the subject seems very thoughtful. However like myself, I don’t think you are a doctor who has practiced 30 years and treated covid patients for over a year. So we are in the same position of trying to discern from external sources what the validity or invalidity of various pieces of information are. It’s very difficult to say.

    • Thank you for your comment Frank. It seems that Ivermectin is mostly useful in preventing infection and for out patient use in people with mild to moderate symptoms. It doesn’t seem to be so effective for hospitalized patients who are more serious so this could explain why your friend hasn’t found it helpful. It is certainly a challenge to get to the bottom of things like this. I appreciate your observations and thanks for taking the time to read it.

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