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The world according to Jude

“Tell me anything that’s ever happened to you. And I can improve upon the story.” From The World According to Garp by John Irving The waiters hovered in a corner, numerous but dutifully unconcerned by the culinary aspirations of their … Continue reading

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Dust in the navel of the world: part one

In the groundless dust of Bodhgaya the beggars actually chase you down. Even the ones without legs. A riot of of monks, nuns and lay practitioners from all Buddhist traditions are here for a massive prayer ceremony for world peace. … Continue reading

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They all died in a pink submarine…

I have no idea how old it is, but it looks like it could have been designed in the 17th century by the submarine’s inventor, Cornelius van Drebbel himself, whose craft reached a depth of 15 feet during trials in … Continue reading

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Epoche in the everyday

Is change a product of time or is time a description of change?

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The lop-eyed astrologer

“Look, what beautiful silks he has! He’s inviting us into his shop!” Daniel stopped and spun around on one foot in a bouncy half pirouette. For the past half hour, Lucy and I had been practically chasing after him through … Continue reading

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India’s real superpower

In monsoon, she gets up at 5 o’clock, cooks breakfast for her family under a tarp. She then walks one hour and fifteen minutes in rain that doesn’t so much fall as gush like a fire hose, across half a … Continue reading

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One man’s hell…

“Varanasi is a shit hole. If you can’t see it’s a shit hole, you’ve got your hippie shit-loving head screwed on backwards. Varanasi is a holy heaven. And if you can’t see that, you’ve got your tired tight-ass world upside-down.” … Continue reading

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Postcard from preconception…

“Remember me?” I did. It was the same kid who had ushered me into the gift shop, probably the nephew or son of the owner. “Sure,” I said, but kept walking. “Do you have everything?” “Yes, thanks.” We were in … Continue reading

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Another piece of the code…

“Anything else, madam?” “I’ll have….erm, chocolate ice cream.” “Sorry, madam, chocolate ice cream finished.” “Okay. Then I’ll have….vanilla.” “Oh, sorry. Vanilla also finished.” “Hmmm. Alright. Do you have toffee ice cream?” “No, madam.” There was only one more flavour on … Continue reading

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