Another piece of the code…

“Anything else, madam?”
“I’ll have….erm, chocolate ice cream.”
“Sorry, madam, chocolate ice cream finished.”
“Okay. Then I’ll have….vanilla.”
“Oh, sorry. Vanilla also finished.”
“Hmmm. Alright. Do you have toffee ice cream?”
“No, madam.”
There was only one more flavour on the menu. Strawberry. The next question, it would naturally seem, was ‘Do you have any strawberry ice cream?’ But I was starting to understand that I was not in a world where my natural reason applied. I had an epiphany which informed many of my interactions in India from that point on.
“Do you have any ice cream?”
“No, madam. We do not.”

I left without dessert, but with another piece of the code.

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