The second juice

The waiter brought her a second mango juice.
“Oh, that’s okay thanks. I only wanted one.”
“If you sit ten minutes more you can have this one too.”
“You mean, I can’t drink it now?”
“Just ten minutes more.”
“So, I can drink it now, but I would need to stay here for ten minutes after I drink it?”
“Sit now, then after ten minutes drinking.”
She didn’t really want to sit another ten minutes before or after the juice, which she also didn’t want. She was ready to leave, but she couldn’t. Because it was starting to get interesting.
“How about I sit for five minutes, then drink the juice, then sit five more minutes. Would that be okay?”
He thought for a moment, glanced over at the manager standing at the counter, then turned back, looked at her very precisely, and gave a flash of white smile.
“You can stay as long as you like, madam. Enjoy your juice.”

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