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Freedum here, Freedom there

It is really worrying to me how few people can keep two thoughts in their heads at the same time, without one obliviating the other. Take the recent protests in Canada against the Covid mandates – and then take the … Continue reading

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The FDA is laughing at you

I was already having one of those mornings. You know, the ones you only talk about with your cat because anything else is pretty much the definition of ‘oversharing’. The kind where you see the jogger in the same turquoise … Continue reading

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Hate has no home here: how lies about the Canadian protests are lighting up the truth

CLICK PHOTO TO LISTEN AS A PODCAST – Nothing Going on Here. Like many of you, I’ve been glued to scenes of enormous numbers of trucks that have crossed the great country of Canada and together with thousands of protestors … Continue reading

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The girl in the wellington boots

Here I am again. Walking the park where the River Thouet spreads its banks like a slow morning stretch and the trees are poised with the still hidden Spring. It’s a Sunday, so there are more people around than usual. … Continue reading

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