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Recruiting the Vagus Nerve: the best friend you didn’t know you had

Originally posted on La Vie en Yoga: The Vagus nerve is a master nerve that controls various functions of the heart, lungs, stomach and intestines.?Without it we would be in constant fight-or-flight stress mode and we would quite simply…

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Welcome to VaGSS

I recently stumbled across a condition called Mass Gamer Stockholm Syndrome – aka MaGSS. Yes, it’s really a thing. MaGSS is psychological condition that affects gamers – which can be video or role-playing gamers – who will defend their favorite … Continue reading

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Ode to the Worm Moon

Rise, rise, the Worm Moon rose this morningThe last full face of Winter, this year before the Equinox.After, and it’s the first full moon of Spring. The difference is the ligament between the last and the first.Between the thaw and … Continue reading

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My grandmother’s wallpaper as embedded wisdom code

Did you plant a secret wisdom code in your childhood and set it to sprout at a crucial moment years later? Continue reading

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