A better way forward….

DSCF1194Conversation overheard between two teenage girls at Primark, in the aisle between the red lace bras and furry animal slippers…

GIRL 1 – God, I feel like shit today.
GIRL 2. – Yeah, me too, awful ‘innit?
GIRL 1. – I didn’t drink as much as Linda though.
GIRL 2. – No, but Gary drank more than ‘er.
GIRL 1. – Not as bad as the time I woke up blind in one eye though.
GIRL 2. – Yeah. I remember that. But there woz one time, I couldn’t see properly for a whole week.
GIRL 1. – There has to be a betta way forward, don’t ya fink?
GIRL 2. – I dunno. Let’s hope so…

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1 Response to A better way forward….

  1. Frances says:

    Sigh, our wonderful British drinking culture!

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