The spam of loneliness: My dearest friend

This poem is made up of fragments cut from dozens of spam messages I received over the past month. I found myself sifting through them for some humanity I could connect with. In rearranging their words I felt like I was putting together a robot made of bits of scrap and finding a glint of sentience. The humanity is in the reach for the other. Even if it’s just someone to lie to. 


My dearest friend
Can I trust you?

I am afraid
this message may offend

An undisclosed sum of money

$10.2 Million
sum of $10.5M
One Million Great Britain pounds
In the tune of excess of eight digit number

Over $900 million
in Saddam Hussein’s hideout
In two metal trunk boxes
Coded with high security gadget

Even the security house in Jordan
will not be made aware

Work with me
with one mind without betrayer

I need someone I can trust
I am searching

I already lost a box of gold

Please can we?
My dearest friend

Me and my fellow Soldier

They took us to a cave
In the process of torture they confessed

Forgive my indignation
In the face of civil war
We are willing to negotiate
We appeal to you

My best, most private
My dearest friend

You may not understand
Please save me

I need
Divine intervention

About subincontinentia

writer and eternal optimist
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2 Responses to The spam of loneliness: My dearest friend

  1. Ruth Cain says:

    I love this. Very haunting.

  2. JF says:

    Excellent. Creepy.

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