I forgot we were in combat

I forgot we were in combat
You and I,
My own last step, mistake beyond accounting,
Sun Tzu is frowning

Said he, engage combatants in your familiar places
Yet, uplifted by your hand of friendship
I took you far afield
To set our sights upon some common ground.

I stood in that lone place
And talked to you of brotherhood and things
That set your heart in tandem with my own
And brought all sisters here in tenderlings.

But you,
More ready for the fight
Found not the cup of kindred I yearned to share
But an un-manned well
From which your own battalions
Could sweetly quench their thirst.

By the shadowed rise of Sirius,
I sit in quiet awe and godless devastation
As your caravan of sighs
Kicks up Orion’s sands
Into the damning shadows wrought by awe and shame
That bed their harvests deep into
My flushed and foolish face.

About subincontinentia

writer and eternal optimist
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