The spam of loneliness: Once I understand your desire

*The third in a series of poems made up of fragments cut from dozens of spam messages I received in my email. The humanity is in the reach for the other. Even if it’s just someone to lie to. 

Respected friend
Have you read the news already?
Something amazing has happened
A foreign client
died in an auto crash
No next of kin

P1120278 (1)

Unclaimed millions
Just waiting for you

Once I understand your desire.

You have been chosen
by the board of trustees
Take time and thought
in spending it wisely
on something that will last you
a long time….
I have a plan for you, dear friend

Once I understand your desire.

I advise you
Keep this confidential
What need is there to include others?
Surely we are destined to meet one day

Once I understand your desire…

About subincontinentia

writer and eternal optimist
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