Sandaled by Shadows

I tried to remember what you said to me,

While I was falling asleep.

My days pass like dreams of other days, while

my dreams acquire a supernal reality.


Was I dreaming when you told me that desires are not to be given up?

It is enough to love what you already have, you said.


I argued and you shrugged.

I didn’t disagree. I just wanted to hear your voice in the dark.

I still see your serious face, illumined by the 2 am silence,

The smoke from your cigarette swirling in the umber of the buzzing streetlight.

What I already have?

Oh yes. That.

I am starting to forget what I yearned for, all these years.


When you left, it was like the slow motion of a revolving door.

Goodbyes are for strangers, you said.

You cannot leave what held you like this.

There are no comings and goings here.


It was when you left that I realized, how very tired I was.

Tired of this perpetual surrender. 

My steps sore to bone from this road

And so I cry, to be heard again, for the earth to reach up and be my cobbler.

A thought so young and so naive, and yet….

When I look down at my bare feet, I find,

I have been sandaled by shadows.

About subincontinentia

writer and eternal optimist
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2 Responses to Sandaled by Shadows

  1. Steph Wintjes says:

    Sandaled by shadows, revolving door, enough to love what you already have. So many provocative images here…

  2. K P Barker says:

    You can almost feel the emotion. Beautiful.

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