Illusion of asymmetric insight

I spent a bit of time reading about this phenomenon – it is called the illusion of asymmetric insight – google it if you are interested. I wrote a poem about it. Maybe you will do something with it too, or at least, know it is there. Here we go….

I know you
But you don’t know me.

I can tell from the way you lift your chin
Scratch your head, lean out, lean in,
The way you order at the restaurant
Something on the side….

I can tell from the words you choose
The words you choose to leave out.

The way you turn up your cuffs
Or leave them


I can tell from the flecks of highlights in your hair,
The beats of blinking
When you talk.
The length of your pauses.
How and when you laugh.

How and when you

I know that I am incorruptible
Whereas you will take the bribe

I hold the line between me, and you
Between the ones that can be taken and the ones,
Like I,
Always in the clear.

So much I can tell about you.
I remain unknowable.
The length of my pauses,
How I laugh and how I don’t

Gives nothing,

You are all-knowable to me
I alone, am mystery.



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2 Responses to Illusion of asymmetric insight

  1. Eric says:

    I’ll definitely goggle your term. Asymmetry of attention is such an interesting phenomenon and is probably responsible for primal universal torque. I noticed a constant torque within endlessly seeks the other.

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