Love notes between two fires

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You don’t know what the wind feels like
Deep in your bones
With sighing tones of what came before it.

We don’t know what the wind feels like
Deep in our bones,
And we don’t want to.


We’re on fire, we’re on fire
It burns in us, it turns in us, and all we want is change

All we want is change.

Don’t you think we felt that too
The things we said and did so you can be
On fire
So you can be on fire, and free?

Don’t bore us with the things gone past
We run from there, so sure and fast
And we don’t need to be told
About the cold from the cold and old.

We’re moving on, so light and strong
And we know to where, it’s a fine somewhere, so
Let us be on fire and free.
We don’t need you or your stories too.

Just let us be, oh let us be
On fire and free
On fire and free.

Ah my dears, what you’ll never know
Is after the fire, the coming snow
Was not enough, nor could ever be
To kill the embers we keep bright
In the deep and darkened light
It was for you
Can you not see?
The cold has come but we are free
We did our best
With our fucked up world
And just like you
We cursed the old
But now we are they
And just like us
You tell us now to be on our way.

Well, well, we know well
This fire that burns, this fire that burns
But don’t forget (let us forget)

The way it turns.
The way, it turns,
The way, the way
It turns.

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writer and eternal optimist
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