Just the woman

You told me I’m the woman
Just the one you’re looking for,
Well, I said, fine, I have the time
To understand
this frame of mind.

You took me to a rain filled bar
Of down-turned eyes and hearts so far
from love they were about to give
their last smile so that they could live
just one more day.

You took me in your arms and said
Baby we should go to bed
As I kept an eye on those
Who wondered where their heads would lay.

You curled your arms around my waist
and kissed me in a way that made
me lose my mind and all my feet
And sent me far astray. 

This is why I love you so,
You whispered as you urged to go
Because you so much want to know
What we are meant to be.

I wasn’t sure I understood
As I stepped out, pulled up my hood
I think I said love goes in many ways.

You said, I can feel your feet
Holding up this ancient street
I know those things you need so deep
because I know them too.

I must admit that in that night
The skinned and hanging blackened light
I fell down to my knees
but not for you.

It is true my feet are blue
And it could be you, it could be you
But oh my lover, what is new is the life
I’m learning now to live
The love I’m finding now to give

It’s more than us
It’s more than this
The hand that shows the touch we miss

It’s more than me, it’s more than me
or you.


About subincontinentia

writer and eternal optimist
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2 Responses to Just the woman

  1. Darrell says:

    There is a song in there.

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