I raised my battered head from the screens of certainty
And the tremulous courage of the robin’s song spoke more clearly
Than the honking of a hundred earnest mouths,
More than a thousand fingering dis-embodies performing every ancestral insult
Until the lived moment is erased in the pixels of that stark and unforgiving light.

Because I risked my body in life’s warm bath blood
I remain outside the ropes of the chalked off fighting squares
Where the sclerosis of unmet hopes have turned into cold-eyed demands
Readying a hand for the punch-drunk combatant
Still clutching his simple disapproved of dreams.

Surrender all thought of fixing the world
Just give to others the things you need
And join me for an aimless sunset
In silent uncritical company.

About subincontinentia

writer and eternal optimist
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2 Responses to Resistance

  1. Kevin says:

    Pleased to see you exercising your poetic mind Bec! Particularly loving from “Surrender” “bliss”
    , just what I, and probably many others could do with at the moment!

  2. Julie Marron says:

    So good. I can totally relate ❤❤

    Julie Marron: +61 (0)403 991 440

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