Welcome to the disconnect

Welcome to the disconnect

word by word

and step by step,

You think you’re free

But you’re just not one of us — Yet.

Eyes downcast

or staring bare

Into a world

Beyond all care.

Forgotten how to say “hello”

A sound so strange like a sick bellow


Welcome to the disconnect

Where old friends flounder to remember

Times when they have laughed together

At the the same things

At the same time.

Welcome to the disconnect

Where staying safe is all the rage

And all the rage is staying safe

Inside you.

Watch your world disintegrate

With online Bordeaux by the crate

Don’t worry if you think you’re late

— We’ll educate you.

Welcome to the disconnect

We’ll be your guide, we’ll call you next

Shhhh don’t worry, it’s not your job

The hanging of each act of love.

Don’t pull too hard on the tether

It makes for such unsettled weather

Hey but isn’t it grand to pretend

That this is not the end, my friend

That we’re all of us in all of this


About subincontinentia

writer and eternal optimist
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