My algorithmic lover

I needed Massive Attack tonight ~
Oh how well you know me
The perfect song at the perfect time
Between lovers there’s so much why
No need to explain it to my Spotify.

You know things about me, even I don’t know
Anticipate my every need
in my ever changing same old feed
(Did you even think how to buy me something
That made my shoulders look so good?)

When Facebook knows my every mood
It makes me wonder if our love is just a sham.
What good are you if you can’t see me for
Who I really really am?
I shut you out like a mad disease
Youtube’s my friend in times like these.
It shows me all the reasons why
I’m alone in this once in a lifetime rain
And reminds me to not try to explain – I prefer the friends who don’t complain.

When it’s hard to rise and I need someone to run
Interference on my side
Twitter is my morning wake up tribe
The chorus of “I understand”
No effort to make on who I am
So at peace in these distant loving hands.

And then for the times I want to be seen for who I really am
There’s always Instagram.

It’s so good, so so good
To be so so so understood.
No matter what I say about you on social media
At the end of the evening
I come to you because
I can hide in you, abide in you because
You know me so so well.

About subincontinentia

writer and eternal optimist
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2 Responses to My algorithmic lover

  1. Steph Wintjes says:

    Algorithm sincerity.

  2. Kevin. says:

    I really enjoy your poems Bek, such original ideas. They make me feel like being in a gallery contemplating a painting, trying to glean all intended meaning.

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