What remains of us

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5 Responses to What remains of us

  1. Steph Wintjes says:

    Oh my, disturbing photo! Powerful stuff, says a lot about our time.

  2. Kevin Barker says:

    A rather sad and empty feeling.

  3. It’s interesting because truthfully the event was joyful and full of life. This photo happened by a kind of happy accident and I felt it reflected a kind of half-life that many less fortunate than those of us at this gathering have been experiencing, cut off from company and connection, a kind of social amputation….

  4. Kevin says:

    I can see what you suggest in the photo now, but at first, and similarly, it evoked a feeling of people that we have had wonderful times with but lost. Still very poignant. So pleased that it came from a happy evening though!😄

  5. Yes, that’s it – we lose people in many ways

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