Nothing going on here – episode 4 – Grief

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Art by Svetlin Velinov

Peter Doshi, Associate Editor of the British Medical Journal and Associate Professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, speaking at the Nov. 2 expert panel on US Federal Vaccine Mandates about the expanded definition of ‘vaccines’ that was made on January 26th 2021 in Merriam Webster’s dictionary to include the mRNA technologies. 

Watch Peter Doshi’s full presentation here.

Peter Doshi asks the question what if the Covid-19 vaccines were called ‘drugs’ instead of ‘vaccines’. But what if they were called ‘gene therapies’? Speaking at the World Health Summit 2021 Stefan Oelrich, member of the Board of Management of Bayer – one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical multinationals defines the mRNA technologies as exactly that – gene or cellular therapies. He then went on to say that if mRNA technologies had been presented to the public as ‘gene or cellular therapies’ instead of as ‘vaccines’ the vast majority of people would have refused to take them. Watch.

I was sent a video taken on a mobile phone that I find so disturbing, it is hard to put into words. It’s in French so asked my friend Yannick to translate it for me. To set the scene, the event took place at Ambroise Pare hospital in Belgium and was filmed by a patient with Covid. Slumped on the floor in the corridor against some plastic seats is a woman who is 8 months pregnant. She is also suffering from Covid and gestational diabetes, the kind that can sometimes develop during pregnancy. She is clearly exhausted. Both patients had been refused treatment because they were not vaccinated. The woman on the phone expresses her horror and disbelief at what she is seeing go down.

There are lots of doctors, lots of nurses that pass by, but nobody seems to notice. I went to ask the imbeciles at the emergency desk to help her but they say they can’t do anything because of the  protocol and they were just following orders. I asked them to at least give her a stretcher so she could like down properly, but no “We have no permission,” they said. This is the way it is now, do you understand what I’m telling you? This is the way it is. Period. So I denounce it. I am at the Ambroise Pare hospital. We are in Belgium. We are supposed to have good health care. I do not know what kind of world we are heading towards but frankly I am disgusted. I condemn Ambroise Pare. It is nauseating, disgraceful, there is no more humanity. I am absolutely shocked.

Personal Journal – As I see it – Grief


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