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The future is China

From predatory boardroom practices to draconian public health measures, Orwellian technologies, state-corporate partnerships on censorship and surveillance, Digital ID’s to social credit scores, China’s ways are quietly going global. PHOTO: Qilai Shen We may prefer to forget that China operated … Continue reading

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Nothing going on here – episode 3 – Strange bedfellows

Click above image to play podcast In this episode I explore what happens when we find ourselves agreeing with the disagreeable and ahow identity politics is ruining critical discourse on the issues we face. EPISODE 3 – STRANGE BEDFELLOWS Am … Continue reading

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Waning vaccine immunity: the unprintable lead

The politics of immunity: part 2The politics of immunity: part 1 The biggest story of the past six months in the world of CV-19 science is the declining protective properties of the vaccine, but you wouldn’t know it from watching … Continue reading

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The politics of immunity: Part 1

THE POLITICS OF IMMUNITYPART ONE: THE SCIENCE THAT PASSES US BY If you research naturally acquired immunity to SARS-CoV-2 you can’t help but be struck by a conspicuous disparity in how the subject is approached depending on who is talking … Continue reading

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The blind men and Ivermectin: medical politics in the time of Covid

“When you mix politics and science, you get politics.” John M. Barry When stories become deeply divisive it is a good time to ask some deeper questions. So here’s one: what is up with Ivermectin? Why has a decades old … Continue reading

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7 reasons why the hi-visibility jacket worn by the French gilets jaunes is a stroke of genius

The use of the hi-visibility jacket as a symbol of the gilets jaunes “yellow vest” movement in France is worthy of some reflection.We will probably never know who first came up with this idea, but here are 7 reasons why … Continue reading

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The gilets jaunes have their own song that reveals the true faces of the movement

France’s gilets jaunes “yellow vests” movement is still gaining momentum since its inception on November 17, 2018. Named after the hi-visibility jackets that motorists are required to keep in their cars in case of a breakdown, the gilets jaunes have … Continue reading

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The Politics of Unfriending

Lately, I’ve seen a number of chaps on Facebook posting their intention to ‘unfriend’ Trump supporters or those promoting his views (if Obama can say “folks” then I can say “chaps”). This has led me to contemplate the politics of … Continue reading

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