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The Shadows of War

Kicking a stretch of dusty road Neck ablaze in the Tamil sun Bush leaves sieving luminosity Carelessly, I passed. Under every modest shadow, A million beings huddling Strangers forced to share a raft Carelessly, I passed. And as I did, … Continue reading

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Gongylus Gongylodes!

Yes, it’s real. I had the honour of witnessing this wondrous Jabberwocky of a creature in the Auroville forest, Tamilnadu. It’s Latin name is Gongylus Gongylodes, otherwise known as a Dead Leaf Mantis or (rather poetically) the Wandering Violin Mantis. … Continue reading

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Mahabalipuram! (or 15 minutes of fame Indian style)

Where are you exactly?” “Mahabalipuram.” “What?” “Mahabalipuram.” “I’ll never be able to say that.” “Mahabalipuram!” I was bellowing this down the phone when I realized this place really suits an exclamation point. Said loudly and with enough vavoom, it carries … Continue reading

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