The quick and easy way to learn Hindi

The following is an excerpt from the Quick and Easy Way to Learn Hindi
by PT. Aditya Nand. Do let me know if you find it useful.

Man:         Where is Daisy?
Woman:    I don’t know
Man:        You’re her mum and you don’t know?
Woman:    You mean I should keep on guarding her?
Man:        But you must not set her free
Woman:    Should I keep her in a cage?
Man:        Will you let flirt around then?
Woman:    What has bitten you today?
Man:        Snake has bitten me
Woman:    It looks like that
Man:        I’ll strangle her today
Woman:    But why?
Man:        She has brought me blame

Woman:    Blame? How?
Man:        She has conceived
Woman:    Who told you?
Man:        My doctor friend
Woman:    And how could he know?
Man:        She had gone to him
Woman:    For what?
Man:        For medicine for getting abortion
Woman:    No matter
Man:        My reputation is at stake and no harm?
Woman:    Everything will come round. Don’t worry at trifles.
Man:        All this is trifle?
Woman:    Yes, in these days.

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