Breathe, the air is not too rare

Painting by Nicholas Roerich

I walked an odyssey to there
The mountains crisp sun crystal glare
High grass so sweet around my feet
The curious birds, the fox, the hare.

I came across an enormous sign
6000 metres from this line
My lungs they froze and fear arose
The air fell thin, I had no time.

I began to plan a quick descent
My courage gone, my heart all spent
I weaved and tripped and tumble skipped
My smile erased, my spine all bent.

Yet before I’d stepped too far from here
A wagtail fly-glanced my right ear
I stopped dead still, and listened ’til
Its message shone all bright and clear.

Before the sign I had no cares
Truth and love had laid me bare
There’s only one direction home.
Breathe, the air is not too rare.

About subincontinentia

writer and eternal optimist
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