Singing from the same memo

Looks like we have a nice ol’ sing a long going here. I’d like to see them all line dancing. Or perhaps the goose-step?

Canada apparently hasn’t got the memo yet, Biden probably got it but forgot what it said. He’s also understandably busy trying to hold the Union together. Germany, Austria, Greece and Italy still ploughing ahead with plans for forced jabs, fines and throwing hate and general schadenfreude on the unvaccinated. New Zealand quietly jumped the pack last November. Everyone’s still pissed at Jacinda for being the class pet. They say it’s hard to beat a Hawke’s Bay Braeburn.

In Australia, they’re too busy trying to get their tennis game tickets back and Northern Territories governor Michael Gunner is holding things up trying to negotiate a clause with Scott Morrison whereby he can first personally take out some unvaccinated people with his own personalized light saber. Spain said they’ll do it tomorrow. Thailand wasn’t invited to the memo party but complied anyway just to be polite. China turning into a medical tyranny version of The Handmaid’s Tale. Nothing terribly dramatic going on in India. Africa doing fine, even SA. Russia ramping up controls while eyeing up the Ukraine. Israel, now on the 4th shot, is too busy sticking needles in arms to read memos. Belgium too busy dressing up the stormtroopers for Saturday’s massive demonstration. Central and South America defo NOT in the club continuing to crack down as Omicron surges, but let’s keep a close eye….

Maybe everyone was like, “Okay, we’ll go a couple of days after the Danish story and then you guys go. If we go all at once, someone might find it suspicious.” Nods all round. (p.s. Yes, they think we’re that stupid).

The rest either aren’t in the club or will catch up soon.

The word underlined on the memo, I’m guessing, was EASES as in ‘Boris Johnson eases himself into a warm bath knowing he followed the memo to the ‘t’ and would be duly rewarded with a slice of Klaus Schwab’s homemade strudel’.


Denmark eases coronavirus restrictions


Finland to begin easing covid-19 restrictions


France to unveil timetable for easing of covid restrictions


Ireland expected to relax restrictions on covid-19 close contacts


New Dutch government expected to ease month-long covid-19 lockdown


Portugal eases covid-19 rules


Sweden scraps demands for negative covid test to enter country


Thailand to lower covid-19 alert and ease curbs


Betting omicron has peaked British PM Johnson set to lift covid rules

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